Serious gear for the serious athlete

You know when you’re a serious athlete. And other people know it too.

The other guys perspire – you just sweat.
The other guys trust to luck – you just trust in hard work.
The other guys dream – you just achieve.

Don’t let yourself down with gash gear. Serious athletes choose Gorilla Wear.

These pants are comfortable and functional, in and out of the gym. Look cool by the pool, great on the weights and neat on the street – from the circuit room to the bedroom Gorilla won’t let you down. Perfect for casual wear but totally non-restrictive when you’re training under pressure.

Most so-called sport clothing is cut for the average couch-surfing junk-eating joe. Gorilla Wear is cut for the active man. These pants will fit.

And they sport prominent Gorilla branding – because the sign of the silverback is recognised worldwide everywhere motivated men train. When you look great, you feel great. Gorilla gives you that edge.

These pants are a hot seller this season – they’re so much in demand you might want to get a better padlock on your gym locker.

You can rely on Gorilla gear. These pants are carefully built from super tough polyester. So while you may be ripped, you’re pants sure won’t be.

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