Go Hard, Go Gorilla

Gorilla Wear have been creating top quality sportswear since 1982. They are the one-stop shop for motivational gym clothing in over 60 countries worldwide. You can wear your cutting edge Gorilla Wear clothes with pride, safe in the knowledge that you clothes work with you, not against you; when you go hard, Gorilla Wear clothing goes harder.

Looking great is super easy in any Gorilla Wear workout tee. Alongside their striking aesthetics the Gorilla Wear work out Tees are designed specifically to allow you to productively work up a sweat with ease. They are loose fitting and comfortable, meaning that you will never feel restricted, however you may choose to exercise.

If a full tee is too much then maybe a Gorilla Wear tank top is more for you. Fitting to the contours of your torso, this top is as close to a second skin as you will get. The Gorilla Wear logo will tell everyone in the gym that you are dedicated, motivated and that you definitely mean business.

The shorts available from Gorilla Wear not only really look the part, but they are totally practical too. The Gorilla Wear California Mesh Shorts are available in a choice of electric colours, but all have comfort and support as standard. The microfiber panelling and mesh fabric of the shorts allow your body to breathe, whilst the elastic waist band means that your work out wear will never let you down.

Gorilla Wear prove that looking great and showing that you are motivated are as easy as choosing the right clothing.

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