Gorillawear beats its chest again

Gorillawear.com has once again become a force to be reckoned within the body-building and fitness clothing sector. Originally established in the golden era of body-building during the 1980’s in New Jersey, the brand has recently re-emerged and now has a worldwide market in over 22 countries.

The name Gorillawear is synonymous with quality and durability. They offer a stylish range of clothing products including jackets, shirts, pants, and shorts. This is complemented by a range of accessories such as hats, bags, and training aids.

The clothing is designed to inspire motivation within a demanding fitness orientated lifestyle, with the presence of strong colours and bold logos. While the influence of the early years is still evident, and indeed fundamental to the appeal, the brand has matured to incorporate the requirements of today’s athletes.

Back in the day, gyms where very much a male dominated affair. This is certainly no longer the case and the Gorilla clothing range has grown to supply the needs of both men and women.

For customers interested in reselling the product, Gorillawear supplies a comprehensive range of products from muscular display mannequins to branded boxes.

The company has a localised website which makes it easy to find your nearest distributor wherever you are in the world. A full product catalogue is also available to view online.

Go Hard, Go Gorilla

Gorilla Wear have been creating top quality sportswear since 1982. They are the one-stop shop for motivational gym clothing in over 60 countries worldwide. You can wear your cutting edge Gorilla Wear clothes with pride, safe in the knowledge that you clothes work with you, not against you; when you go hard, Gorilla Wear clothing goes harder.

Looking great is super easy in any Gorilla Wear workout tee. Alongside their striking aesthetics the Gorilla Wear work out Tees are designed specifically to allow you to productively work up a sweat with ease. They are loose fitting and comfortable, meaning that you will never feel restricted, however you may choose to exercise.

If a full tee is too much then maybe a Gorilla Wear tank top is more for you. Fitting to the contours of your torso, this top is as close to a second skin as you will get. The Gorilla Wear logo will tell everyone in the gym that you are dedicated, motivated and that you definitely mean business.

The shorts available from Gorilla Wear not only really look the part, but they are totally practical too. The Gorilla Wear California Mesh Shorts are available in a choice of electric colours, but all have comfort and support as standard. The microfiber panelling and mesh fabric of the shorts allow your body to breathe, whilst the elastic waist band means that your work out wear will never let you down.

Gorilla Wear prove that looking great and showing that you are motivated are as easy as choosing the right clothing.

Serious gear for the serious athlete

You know when you’re a serious athlete. And other people know it too.

The other guys perspire – you just sweat.
The other guys trust to luck – you just trust in hard work.
The other guys dream – you just achieve.

Don’t let yourself down with gash gear. Serious athletes choose Gorilla Wear.

These pants are comfortable and functional, in and out of the gym. Look cool by the pool, great on the weights and neat on the street – from the circuit room to the bedroom Gorilla won’t let you down. Perfect for casual wear but totally non-restrictive when you’re training under pressure.

Most so-called sport clothing is cut for the average couch-surfing junk-eating joe. Gorilla Wear is cut for the active man. These pants will fit.

And they sport prominent Gorilla branding – because the sign of the silverback is recognised worldwide everywhere motivated men train. When you look great, you feel great. Gorilla gives you that edge.

These pants are a hot seller this season – they’re so much in demand you might want to get a better padlock on your gym locker.

You can rely on Gorilla gear. These pants are carefully built from super tough polyester. So while you may be ripped, you’re pants sure won’t be.